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LNY 2021 SPOTLIGHT: Lee Lin Chin

Lee Lin Chin

Lee Lin Chin was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, the daughter of Chinese parents. While still a child, her family moved to Singapore where she was raised and educated. In 1968, she began her long and illustrious career in television and radio working for stations in Singapore.

In 1980 she migrated to Australia and began working as a translator for Chinese language films for SBS TV. After working for ABC Radio in Newcastle and Darwin, Lee Lin returned to Sydney in 1987 to take up a now famous role as the weekend anchor for SBS news, where she worked until 2018. In addition to this, she has played parts in several films and television series throughout the years. One of her most memorable recent appearances was as Australia’s representative to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, the first year that Australia was allowed to participate, through the inimitable voice of Guy Sebastian. Lee Lin returned as the Australian spokesperson to the competition for two subsequent years, leaving an indelible mark on Australian Eurovision history.

Lee Lin is also known for her bold, avant-garde fashion, which have been on show at public appearances, while presenting the news, or during comic appearances on SBS’ The Feed. Many have marvelled at her astonishing outfits, though few have the bravery or panache to carry them with such grace and poise.

Lee Lin Chin has been a powerful voice for multiculturalism and anti-racism in Australia, and not afraid to become the news herself. She has at times pointed out the serious lack of Asian voices in public life and expressed frustration with some Australians’ unwillingness to understand themselves in relation to their closest regional neighbours. With verve and wit, never a heavy hand, she has reminded us what it means to be part of a bigger, more welcoming Australia.

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