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Recap of The Arts, The Voice & Our Communities Event

On 17 and 19 August 2023, The Chinese Australian Forum together with North Sydney For the Voice, and Stanton Library organised two panel discussions to explore the connection between the arts, the voice and our communities:

  • The first panel discussion consisted of Simon Chan, Kylea Tink MP and Tim Johnson exploring the influences of First Nations and Asian cultures and spirituality in Tim’s paintings. This was followed by a discussion with Dr Shireen Morris and Te-Raina Watego on why the Voice to Parliament is so important from their perspectives as Australians from diverse communities. The exhibiting artists were Kyra Kum-Sing and Tim Johnson.

  • The second panel discussion was facilitated by Tony Pang, with experts on the voice including Dr. Judy Tang, and Jonathan Hunyor. This discussion unpacked the meaning of the Voice and addressed various questions from the attendees.

To revisit the discussions on the voice, please see videos below. The videos include both English and Chinese subtitles.

Full Videos

Session 1: 17 August 2023 - Full Video

Session 2: 19 August 2023 - Full Video

Key Questions - Short Videos

For short videos about specific topics, click links below.



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