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Civics Education

The Chinese Australian Forum, supported by the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations, has developed a bilingual civics education course for the Chinese Australian community to improve the community’s understanding of and engagement in Australia’s democracy.



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As Australian citizens, Chinese Australians are required to vote but sometimes have a limited understanding of the system in which they are voting. This not only leaves them vulnerable to misinformation but is also a barrier to their more active participation in Australian politics. We want to encourage Chinese Australians to engage fully in our democratic processes, and through this, ensure Chinese Australian voices are heard in our political debate, Chinese Australian views are represented in policy and Chinese Australian representatives are present in our parliaments and leadership.

作为澳洲公民,澳洲华人也需要进行投票,但有些时候,他们对自己所要进行的投票知之甚少。这不仅使他们易受错误信息的影响,而且这也成为他们对于澳洲政治积极参与的障碍。 我们希望鼓励澳洲华人充分参与我们的民主进程,并以此来确保澳洲华人的声音可以在我们的政治辩论中被听到,澳洲华人的观点可以在政策中得到体现,澳洲华人代表可以出现在我们的议会和领导层中。

The course has been developed by academic authors and reviewed by an expert academic review panel. It deals with questions such as:

 该课程将由学术作者开发,并由学术专家小组审查。 课程将涉及以下几个问题:

Overview of the Civics Education Course

Civics Education Course Example Topics


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Program Delivery

Our civics education course has been delivered in person through a series of community workshops starting in NSW, but we hope to extend the concept nationally.
The entire course is also available online, through videos and digital resources. To request access to the online civics education course, please request access below.
Access the online civics education course now
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