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Benjamin Law on The Project: A Time For Unity

Benjamin Law, Author and Journalist, is one of the 16 prominent Chinese Australians who have penned an open letter about the rise in racial abuse during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Law was subsequently interviewed by Channel Ten's The Project earlier this week talking about why he's pledged to choose #UnityOverFear:

“I think the catalyst was seeing how it had started seeping out of just conspiracy theories and racist memes. And into a lot more mainstream news reporting, apparently Asian Australians or Chinese people stocking up on supplies they weren’t supposed to and often these came from reports that were completely unsubstantiated and unverified sources.

I think Australians have reached a boiling point. We pride ourselves on not being a racist society but when it’s starting to have these flash points where people are feeling and getting attacked in the streets, something has to shift.”

We're asking everyone to sign the petition now. Add your name to stand in solidarity with the Asian community in Australia and send a clear message that you choose #UnityOverFear:

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