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[Video] 2016 CAF Federal Election Debate

On June 8th, CAF invited two representatives from both sides of politics to help the community make a more informed decision. Many important issues were discussed on the night including Medicare, Education, Employment and Immigration Policy. We had a full room and a very attentive audience engaged with the debate put before them.

The Panel: Craig Laundy MP - Member for Reid Chris Hayes MP - Member for Fowler Julian Leeser - Candidate for Berowra Linda Burney - Candidate for Barton

Click play on the video below to hear the full debate:

Video produced by Jon-Claire Lee (JCL Productions).

00:00:00 President Kenrick Cheah's Welcome 00:03:50 Linda Burney's Address 00:08:45 Julian Leeser's Address 00:12:15 Chris Hayes MP's Address 00:17:00 Craig Laundy MP's Address 00:23:20 Question: How will the Parties Deal with Pauline Hanson's plans to re-enter parliament? 00:27:45 Question: Will both parties continue support for the Chinese Free Trade Agreement? 00:34:20 Question: Representation of Ethnic Minorities in Australian Parliament 00:41:15 Question: Australia's Treatment of Asylum Seekers 00:55:10 Question: Foreign Affairs - Australia's role in the Conflict within the South China Sea 00:58:40 Question: Youth Unemployment 01:04:00 Question: Emplyoment of Ethnic Minority Groups 01:11:15 Question: Temporary Working Visas & Taxation 01:15:33 Question: Higher Education Standards in Australia 01:22:55 Question: Negative Gearing for Property Investment 01:33:50 Question: What's in a Name? Job Prospects for individuals with Ethnic names.

01:38:30 Question: Protecting Section 18C

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