Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Chinese Australian Forum

13 May 2014 - CAF presents 18C Repeal Information Night


The Chinese Australian Forum has taken a leading role in taking the fight to the Abbott Government regarding the Repeal of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

For those unaware, the Federal Government plans to water down racial vilification laws, with the obvious result being that multicultural communities, like the Chinese-Australian community will suffer.

CAF is proud to present an Information Evening, inclusive of dinner, with special guests Race Relations Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphomassame and Dr Sarah Pritchard, Barrister, Chair of the Human Rights Committee for the NSW Bar Association.

Come and find out how the proposed changes will affect you and your family, and how you can help in stopping the repeal!

Tuesday 13th May @ Emperor's Garden Restaurant, Chinatown.

$40 a ticket, inclusive of dinner, $35 for concession or over 65 years old (all tickets must be pre-booked).

Book tickets online here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/caf-presents-repeal-of-18c-information-forum-tickets-11463795521

Sign the CAF petition here: http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/prime-minister-tony-abbott-abandon-your-plans-to-repeal-section-18c-of-the-racial-discrimination-act-do-not-water-down-racial-discrimination-laws

Access CAF's submission to the Attorney-General here in English and here in Chinese.



February 2014 - New CAF Committee

Dear all, following the Annual General Meeting of 2013 and the first Committee meeting of 2014, CAF can proudly announce the new committee for term 2014-15.



President – Kenrick Cheah

Vice President – Tony Pang

Secretary – Peter Chan

Treasurer – Eric Heng

Assistant Secretary – Chesney O’Donnell

Assistant Treasurer – Adrian Wong

Public Officer – Benjamin Chow

Media and PR Director – Dominic Cheng

Membership Officer – Soo-Keat Lim

Immediate Past President – Patrick Voon

Committee – Luan Thiam Ang

Committee – Anthony Ching

Committee – Felix Lam

Committee – Jon-Claire Lee

Committee – Jenny Lim

Committee – Angelline Oyang

Committee – Yang Yu



1 Dec 13 - PM Abbott to water down racial discrimination laws (Section 18C). SIGN our petition to say no!


Repealing Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination is akin to condoning racial abuse and hatred. Both of these have no place in our society. 


Please ask and share with friends and family to stand up FOR multiculturalism, and AGAINST racism.

The Abbott Government plans to repeal Section 18C so its up to us to show them that we, the people of Australia, do not want any watering down of racial discrimination laws. 

CAF members and friends, we live in a proudly multicultural society. We share our own cultures and we respect and learn about the cultures of others. 

For more info follow these links: 




(Photo credit to www.abc.net.au)


29 November 2013 - New book on multiculturalism

Professor Andrew Jakubowicz and Dr Christina Ho of UTS have released a new book on 40 years of multiculturalism in Australia.

For more see info see the article below



High Court Case: Major Ting Li vs Chief of Army


CAF will be visiting Canberra this Thursday in support of Major Ting Li. If you would also like to show your support details are below.

In April 2011, Chinese Australian army officer Major Ting Li was court-martialled by the Australian Military.

On Thursday 31 October 2013, the full bench of the High Court will sit and consider an appeal by Major Ting Li against his sentence. It will also be a fight by Major Li to save his military career.

Major Li worked as a military lawyer with Defence Legal in Canberra. In February 2010, he was involved in a workplace incident with a senior civilian employee Mr Andrew Snashall.

The incident occurred after Major Li’s wife and their newborn baby had visited Defence’s legal department. Mr Snashall made a racial slur in reference to Major Li, saying “I see you have been polluting the world with your genes”.  

Major Li protested against Mr Snashall’s comments, to which Mr Snashall was reported to have answered “I meant everything I ever said to you”. An argument between the two followed, which led to a complaint being lodged by Mr Snashall against Major Li.

Major Li was then suspended from duty and charged by the Military for “creating a disturbance” in Mr Snashall’s office (a court martial).  

Read more: High Court Case: Major Ting Li vs Chief of Army


Federal Election 2013

The Chinese Australian Forum (CAF) wishes to hear from members and friends their views on the forthcoming Federal Election. Just enter your comments in the space provided in TODAY's POLL and click "Vote".

  • Key Policy Concerns and Preferences

  • Which Party Should Govern Australia

On this page, CAF brings to you links to media pages devoted to:

  • Federal Election 2013

  • Polices of the Political Parties




Coming soon . . . .

About The Chinese Australian Forum

The Chinese Australian Forum is a non-partisan organization that the aims to raise the political awareness of Chinese Australians. CAF regards diligent participation as an essential part of the integration of Chinese Australians with mainstream Australian society. By providing a forum for education and debate, and through responding to topical issues, CAF provides the voice for Chinese Australians to air their views and be heard. It is the only Chinese Australian organisation in NSW whose main activity is to engage members and supporters in the political process of this country.

CAF embraces the unique qualities of a culturally diverse society that Australia today is. CAF respects the ideals of multiculturalism, a policy supported in principle by the two major political parties in Australia, albeit at varying degrees of enthusiasm under different leaderships. CAF believes it is through these ideals that greater inter-racial understanding and harmony will be achieved.  

In pursuing these objectives, it is CAF’s aim that the organization will play a positive role in the development and advancement of Australia.


Dinner Forum- "Meet The New Chinese Councilors"

March 14, 2013 (Thurs)  6:30 for 7:00pm

CAF members and friends are invited to meet 6 newly elected councilors of Chinese background at a Dinner Forum to be held on Thurs March 14. 2013 at "The Eight" Chinese Restaurant at Market City, Haymarket.

Mr Patrick Voon, President of CAF  said Chinese Australians are under-represented in public life of NSW, and he expects the Chinese community to welcome the opportunity provided by CAF to meet and get acquainted with the new councilors voted in at the Local Government election of Sept 2012.

Councilors speaking and participating in Q&A will include:

  • Christina Wu, HURSTVILLE, Liberal Party
  • Dominic Sin, HURSTVILLE, Labor Party
  • Ken Yeung, FAIRFIELD, Unity Party
  • Soo-Tee Cheong, LANE COVE, Liberal Party
  • John Hugh, PARRAMATTA, Liberal Party
  • Craig Chung, RYDE, Liberal Party

The new councilors come from all sides of politics, age groups and career background. It will be interesting to meet them and hear their experiences during their early months of their term, Mr Voon said.

Tickets are $40 for members or concession card holders, and $45 for non-members. Concessional parking is available at Market City carpark below the restaurant.

For Credit Card Booking- please visit our online booking webpage:

Read More


1 November 2012 - News - Gangnam style and Asian stereotypes

 Interesting article here from ABC's Benjamin Ng:

The popularity of Korean rapper Psy - whose "Gangnam style" dance has gone viral - has emphasised how entrenched stereotypes of Asian males persist in Western media, writes Benjamin Ng. As an Asian man, and working in both primary and secondary schools in Melbourne, I have noticed over the past week that students have started to both discreetly and overtly point at me, call me "Psy" and perform their unique rendition of the now famous Gangnam style dance.  My immediate response to this phenomenon was to ask "Why aren't these students calling young white female staff members Lady Gaga and dancing a Pokerface dance? Is it because they are so unused to Asian people, men especially, in the mainstream media that they feel the need to make a point of it?  Do these students assume that all Asi...

to read the full story on your mobile please use this link

to read the full story on a PC or Mac please use this link


2 September 2012 - News - SAVE THE MARKET GARDENS

CAF has joined the fight to save the Chinese Market Gardens at La Perouse.

CAF President Patrick Voon said that the Market Gardens were still under serious threat from a proposal by the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Trust to extend Botany Cemetery.

“The Chinese Market Gardens at La Perouse are amongst the oldest in NSW and have significant heritage values not only to the Chinese community, but the local area as well,” Mr Voon said. alt

You can read a full article on the issue from the Daily Telegraph here or read the CAF Press Release here.


4 August 2012 - News - John Alexander pays tribute to Chinese Australians

title Bennelong MP John Alexander paid tribute to the Chinese Australian community in a Private Members Business Statement in the House of Representatives on the 25 June 2012.

 Mr Alexander moved that the House:

 (1) strong history of Chinese migration to Australia over the past 200 years;

 (2) significant contribution that Chinese-Australians have made over this period to our nation;

 (3) vibrant festivities and events hosted by the Bennelong Chinese community and enjoyed by people of many cultures; and

(4) unique opportunity for the local Chinese, Korean and broader communities to come together at the Bennelong Cup Table Tennis Test Match for an international table tennis competition against Australia.

You can read the entire transcript here.




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