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[Media Alert] 9NEWS '#SayNoToPauline': Chinese community rally against Hanson’s ‘racist’ ide

Media Publisher: 9 News

Date Published: July 9, 2016

Link to Source:

Chinese-Australian community members have launched a social media campaign to rally against the policies put forward by One Nation senator-elect Pauline Hanson.

Using the hashtag #SayNoToPauline, the Chinese Australian Forum is calling on people to take photos and upload them to social media, in an effort to call out Islamophobia and “racism”.

The group held a press conference in Haymarket yesterday to announce their plans to team up with the Muslim community, stating they “can empathise with the current treatment of the Arabic-Australian community”.

President Kenrick Cheah said the organisation has campaigned for more than 30 years on the issues of race and discrimination.

“The campaign is raising awareness that Islamophobia is wrong… racism and discrimination of any kind are wrong and the reason we came out yesterday, although we aren’t at the brunt of the attacks this time, we [the Chinese community] remembers when it was in the 1990s,” Mr Cheah told

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